Betina Juglair works on themes associated with art and feminism through writing and image creation, whether in personal or professional projects. The professional experience with Nude developed writing skills for content creation (social networks, informative texts, newsletters), customer service and small business management.

With a master's degree in Theory and Art Criticism from the Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Porto, her personal research transits through questions of gender, body and image through gaze and power relations. She has recently published in brazilian's photography magazine ZUM about the photographic aspect of Helena Almeida's work. The collaboration with the contemporary photography gallery Salut au Monde! and the contact with countless artists from Brazil and Europe made it possible to monitor projects related to creative, curatorial processes and the production of exhibitions.

Betina has a special taste for collaborative and interdisciplinary works, either in her professional or personal production; she has some photography projects related with theater, dance, performance and printmaking; and as for her investigative interests, her research relates feminism, image, memory, history and philosophy.

In her personal work, she uses various languages (archive, photography, text, engraving, collage, sewing) to highlight the intimate, the sensitive and the everyday life. As raw material for her production is the body and the lived experience, with flaws and noise, but also dynamics of closeness and affection.


2021 - 2023
Nude - Online Pleasure store
Co-founder e co-owner - Porto, Portugal

Online store focused on positive feminine sexuality. Store management, contact with suppliers and work partnerships, product curation, customer service. On social media and website: copywriting (Portuguese and English), photography and art direction for editorials. Responsible for representing the store in events, with emphasis on Primavera Sound - Porto (2022).


“To create images of oneself: the photo-performance in Lenora de Barros and Helena Almeida”

Master dissertation in Art Studies - Art Theory and Critic (FBAUP) on reflections on gender and gaze through the work of two photo-performance artists.

It is possible to read it here (in portuguese)

“Abortion: present and past of a desobedience”

Final paper on Law School (UniCuritiba) in which I studied the abortion situation in Brazil through a perspective of Law’s history and sociology.
It is possible to read it here (in portuguese)


Comissioned Feminist Research - Curitiba - BR

On request by some academic professors, I conducted research on theoretical and technical topics and presented summaries and detailed reports. The themes were selected by the professors and included feminist and gender theories, obstetric violence, domestic violence and others.

Feminist Collective Saia na Rua - Curitiba - BR

One of the founders of the feminist collective "Saia na Rua", with academic and activist practices. Activities included biweekly discussion of classical and contemporary feminist texts, organization of conferences and events and connecting with other collectives to prevent gender violence on campus.

Women for Women: Prision Revision Task Force - Curitiba - BR

Organized by State Department for Justice, Citizenship and Human Rights; Paraná Public Defender's Office, Brazilian Bar Association. Consisted on directed action on women's prisional units, in order to check irregularities and intervene on abuses.



Popular Legal Promoters (PLPs) [Promotoras Legais Populares] - Curitiba - BR

Course destined to empower local women leaderships and spread feminist action and intervention. The community leaders are trained in basic notions of law, women's human rights, organization of the State and the Judiciary. The work of the PLP'S is to expand the conditions of access to justice, creating a bridge that brings the population closer to the State's tools and interventions.


Women in Residency (BR)
Curitiba-BR (online) | Mar 2021

An online program for women photographers with a narrative project in which I brought Pas de deux (2018-), an ongoing project about my relationship with my mother, with dance, and my own body.

In this 1-month residency with other artists, I could explore especifically the importance of the gaze in my mother's dance archive images.

Residir (PT)
Porto-PT | Jun-Jul 2021

With local and communitary focus on a Porto-PT neighborhood, I worked with family albums of a demolished neighborhood, São Vicente de Paula.

From it, I created “Fátima, José, Vicente” (2021), installation that recalls a clothesline of memories in which photographs from family albums were printed on fabric and sewn together, interwined with colors and patterns.


Master - Art Studies: Art Theory and Critic
Faculty of Fine Arts - Porto University - Portugal

With dissertation: "To create images of oneself: the photoperformance of Lenora de Barros and Helena Almeida".

Salut au monde! gallery
Collaborator - Porto, Portugal | Oct 2020 - today

Gallery focused in contemporary documental photography. Collaboration that includes public mediation, assistance in production and curational practices.


Artistic and comissioned work - Brazil and Portugal

Collaborative work with other artists (theatre, painting, performance). Photography of concerts, plays, exhibitions, portraits, fashion, events.

Habitar a si: Helena Almeida, performance e fotografia

ZUM magazine online

A sensitive article on the photographic and poetic aspects of Helena Almeida's work, one of the most proeminent portuguese artists.
The article is in portuguese only.


Archivos y Activaciones Proyecto Imaginario

Mediated by Romina Resuche, online course/workshop on investigative practices in archives, along with researchers and artists from Latin America and Spain.


Hoja de Ruta - Visual Arts Tutoring
Aula - Ecuador

With visual artist Fosi Vegue, dedicated to structuring photographic projects.

Photography Study Group - André Penteado
São Paulo - BR

Group for the development and deepening of photography projects, construction of image narratives and the sharing of artists and their productions.


Contemporary Dance

ACE - Educational Service - Porto-PT

The aim is to explore the body and its expressive potential, starting from its individuality and its relationship with space, with other bodies and with the other. Specificities of the language of contemporary dance are developed (balance, posture, coordination…) through various professional trainers in the area.

1998 - 2009
Classical Ballet
Studio A Ballet Clássico - Pato Branco, BR

Under the guidance of Aline Lionço Dal Molin Juglair, a graduate of the Teatro Guaíra Ballet School and former member of the company.


Etching course
Solar do Barão - Fundação Cultural de Curitiba - BR

The use of etching techniques to create a personal expression in engraving arts.


Liquid Archives - Water Stories
Archive and Collage

Water as a theme and as a medium is part of this collective project, in which artists from Portugal, England and Brazil explore liquidity in material processes of printing, archiving and publishing. With a specific theme (water) and its presence in a localized universe (that of the city of Porto-Portugal), the artists develop different ways of materializing the fluidity of water and its history in the city from manipulations of archival images (public and personal).

My work was a combination of personal and public archive: I made collages using personal photographs of umbrellas destroyed after intense rains in Porto just as I arrived in the city, along with words and phrases taken from a book of sanitary analysis of drinking water, dating from 1909.

Theater collaboration with Ingrid Leandro

Desterro (Exile) was a play presented at the Curitiba Theater Festival in 2018 by Companhia Experimental de Teatro Efêmera, idealized and conceived by theater director and actress Ingrid Leandro.

In the play, my photographs of landscapes were projected onto the bodies of the actors, being an important scenic element. The insertion in an interartistic dialogue broadening the meanings of the images. I also photographed the play, which made the experience expand.

To Leave Behind
Photo-performance with Tainah Dadda

In a year when staying at home as much as possible was a collective and global urgency, artist and theater director Tainah Dadda turns to the relationships between the body, time and domestic space during confinement. The chair is a symbol of waiting and of a time that drags on, and time is an object that also crosses the rooms and discomforts of the house.

The conception and performance of To Leave Behind is by Tainah Dadda, and the photographs are by Betina Juglair. The images were transformed into a videoperformance that was awarded the Funarte RespiroArte Visual Arts Award, and its visualization is possible at this link: