Product and Editorial

Being formed by two visual artists (one of them also a photographer, the other one also a designer) Nude was a store deeply connected to image creation. We cared about building an image suited to our intentions and to the direction we wanted to take with our store.

We had three experiences with photoshoots, which I share here.

The Birth of Nude

Nude's first photoshoot was in september 2021, before we opened the store. Me and Sarah Gelinksi gathered some toys, objects and fabrics that had a contemporary yet barroque aesthetic. The picture that had the Satisfyer air-suction toy ended up being our postcard, which we gave with each purchase.

Both of us worked on the concept and did the creative direction.
I photographed and was assisted by Sarah.

Growing up

Our second photoshoot was in early 2022, and the initial ideia was to build our own catalogue, according to our style. We created a small setting, used some specific lighting borrowed from a friend and also a photographer (thanks Ivan Silva!), and worked on some pictures.

For a while, we used these pictures in our website and social media, but it was hard to keep up with doing new images every time we had new products, so we eventually stopped using them.
Nonetheless, we ended up with some interesting material and sometimes would use them in our posts. Here are the results :)

Once again, I photographed and Sarah Gelinski was the model and the assistant.

A fully formed being:
partership with Brenda Pontes

Our third and last photoshoot was in may 2022, working with the great photographer and friend Brenda Pontes. We had a great location that created a Lynchian mood and worked with velvet, tarot and magic bubbles.

Me, Sarah and Brenda created together the concept and worked as a team as creative directors. The pictures were taken by Brenda and featured me and Sarah as models. This wasn't just a photoshoot to highlight our products, but it was also an affirmation of ourselves fully commited to our projects: as entrepreneurs, as creatives, as women full of dreams and hard work.

Brenda's pictures were used in our flyers, website and social media, and were crucial to Nude's fully affirmation as a brand and as a being on its own.

To get to know more of Brenda's work: and