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'The pleasure revolution
starts in intimacy'

Nude was formed by two women with the purpose of providing a welcoming and safe environment for sexual well-being. We have pleasure and respect first, and we believe in the power of knowing your own body, stripping yourself of prejudices and taboos about what sex and masturbation should be.

We believe that the main drivers of pleasure are love and respect: love for your own body and respect for limits and wills, yours and others.

Having sexual well-being as a guiding principle means focusing on intimacy and the exploration of pleasure as a whole; we know that the jouissance is not in the genitals, but is a whole body energy.

We are not an ordinary sex shop: we only sell products we believe in, we select toys and lubes that we think are the most suitable, with the best cost-benefit, safe for health and that fulfill their function of providing pleasure wonderfully. Only you know what you want and need, but Nude wants to give you a hand.