Primavera Sound special: toy and artist matches!

To get in Primavera Sound vibe, here is a list of toys we imagine go well together with some artists we love <3


6/4/20225 min read

Caroline Polachek
With a unique style that involves emotional intensity and pop/electronic influences, Polachek appeals to a certain mystery of the senses, just like The Volta, by Fun Factory: a perfect toy for sensorial exploration!

Georgia's style of electronic pop-oriented, a club sound that encourages us to dance and move, marries very well with Miss Bi, from Fun Factory: a toy that although small is very precise and brings a sense of fulfillment and excitement ; )

Kim Gordon
She makes a sound that makes us all really feel it. She's a badass. To match her impressive presence, the Dildo Limba Flex from Fun Factory comes to mind right away - great for solo use and perfect for pegging. Audacious.

Stella Donnelly
With work that Pitchfork describes as “strong, funny, unsettling”, Donnelly evokes the power and subtlety of our Pearl Diver both vibrator and air suction toy: with wonderful clitoral stimulation, it causes delicious damage wherever it goes.

Sky Ferreira
A force of nature: strong, potent, creative, Ferreira goes deep just as she should. Ferreira not only activates the G-spot, maybe she even incorporates it. It reminds us of our Petting Hippo vibrator, from Satisfyer, right on the spot ;)

To accompany the vibe of Nidia’s ancestral-futuristic electronic music, very danceable, we think that a powerful direct stimulation is in order - you can find it in our bullets from Intt and Ohmama ;)

Tame Impala
WIth a dancing chill psychedelic style, Tame Impala matches well with Fun Factory’s Be One, made to be a wonderful add to the preliminaries, upgrading your touch and massages. Put on Currents and Be One to play, it’ll be a success!

Nick Cave
To be honest, we don’t believe Nick Cave’s music to be very erotic (or at all?). But it is impossible not to mention him. So, here it goes.
Intense. Profound. So maybe… a dildo? Yeah, that’s it: Magnum, from Fun Factory. To go really deep in your body emotions in this gorgeous blueberry color.

Cigarettes After Sex
Chill, vibes, like a good subtle but arousing touch: we could be talking about Cigarettes After Sex or Candy Cane, by Satisfyer. Very relaxing with a bit of movement, just enough to initiate something.

100 Gecs
Few things sound like 100gecs: a fun futuristic sound filled with memes and connection interference. This reminds us of our equally futuristic and connective Vibrating String ;)

To stop being a Loser, Beck needs a bit of Fun Factory. We would love to introduce him to the famous Manta, a penis vibrator that has so many possibilities of use that would certainly make the singer happier.

Chico da Tina
An unprecedented combination between trap and regionalism from the Minho region, everybody in north Portugal knows him - the way you should also know about Tenga and its penis masturbators, a brand that took these toys to another level. Try their Egg masturbators, you won’t be disappointed ;)

Jehnny Beth
Jehnny’s Beth powerful presence and energy leads immediately to our air-suction toys, such as Curvy, from Satisfyer. Not only it vibrates but also gives an unique clitorial stimulation that will leave you immobile for a few seconds (same feeling after being in Beth’s presence).

Rina Sawayama
We simply l-o-v-e the audacious and powerful Rina Sawayama with her brave pop-metal that arose with STFU!. Our Bi Stronic Fusion, by Fun Factory is a perfect match: not only a vibratior, it is also a pulsator, with delicious movements that come-and-go.

With a colorful and chill aura, we matched Pavement with Satisfyer’s anal plug trio Booty Call. Fun, cute and makes people happy. Not much to think about or to question, just go for it.

Bad Gyal
The catalan artist knows very well what she wants and what she came for, just like our most audacious toy: Sexy Secret, by Satisfyer, was made to be put on your panties and be used just anytime (maybe even during a music festival?)

One of the most visionary artists of our time, Grimes deserves a toy just as her: playful, futuristic, interesting - just as the Sharevibe, by Fun Factory, which is a great toy to share vibes with (unless is with Elon Musk)

David Bruno
A special rose to an incomparable romantic: we dedicate him our beloved Mia rose air suction toy. Placed on your clitoris, it takes you to heaven (and if not, at least to Miramar, baby)

Gorillaz's unmistakable style reminds us of how much music can be interesting and less serious - just like pleasure itself, on our Anal Vibrator Lolli, by Satisfyer. Put some lube, press play and go for it ;)

With Interpol, we can keep things traditional, but very reliable and steady. So we present the iconic rabbit, Lady Bi, by Fun Factory, our top quality brand. If you don’t know what to choose, the rabbit is always a good choice ;)

Dinosaur Jr
In their relaxed sound, Dinosaur Jr invites us to a music experience, even in a more established ground that is alternative rock. The same happens with Nos: a cock ring is not anything new, but with Fun Factory’s vibrations and quality, it’s a definitely yes!

Jamila Woods
Her playful and light style is perfectly matched with our Rewopulse, a point G vibrator that works really well with external stimulation: very smooth, soft and pleasurable.

Little Simz
Powerful, audacious, different, cool: so many words describe Little Simz, and the toy that has this personality is Hot Lover by Satisfyer: not only it vibrates but also it heats up. The vibrations and intensities can be controlled via Satisfyer’s app ;)

Pabllo Vittar
Pabllo is impossible to ignore: Brazilian’s most famous drag (and maybe the world’s, considering her IG followers) rocks the stages wherever she goes. Wonderful, iconic, unforgetable: we dedicate her our beautful Pride Anal Plug, in body-safe silicon ;)