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6/28/20221 min read

This June 28th, we want to remind you that LGBTQ history has always been marked by the activism of marginalized, racialized, immigrant and queer people!

Let's remember the fights and celebrate the lives of Marsha P Johnson, Sylvia Rivera and so many other people who are and were part of the community, people who fought for dignity for themselves and for everyone! <3

In Stonewall, facing police violence (and even today, in the fights that follow) those who were on the front line were transvestites, drag queens and kings, prostitutes, lesbians, immigrants, young people, broke and homeless people.

The LGBTQIA+ story is built on making and maintaining safe spaces that allow free expression and experience for all. Spaces that welcome people, give them shelter, food, and that make family among its members.

We want to pay this tribute while encouraging you to support local groups and spaces, and also to make the spaces that you already attend into safe for everyone <3 We go together, no one is left behind!