Nudeletter #3 december


Betina Juglair

11/4/20225 min read

So it is december! What a year! To help you deal with this insane year, a always lovely suggestion is to treat yourself with orgasms ✨

We will make some suggestions of kits at promotional prices to help you in this necessary purchase <3 We will post them soon! For now, we have some suggestions of toys to carry on your bag while traveling. Small, discreet, but without losing power, here are some Nude suggestions for your orgastic bag!

“Going away for a trip and taking just the essential (a dildo, an air-suction toy and an anal plug)"

Starting with a classic: the bullet! To a located powerful vibration, we recommend using it with lots of lube, because it may be very intense for some people. We have two options at very good prices: the one from Intt and the one from Ohmama ;)

The cock ring is also a great choice! Nos, da Fun Factory, has a travel lock function so it doesn’t start vibrating at the middle of the airport. We also have the one from Moressa, which is good at a reasonable price.

An anal plug can algo make wonders at your sex life! The leveled plug by Ohmama is perfect to start using it (because you can control how much of it enters your body). A great choice is Bootie, from Fun Factory: there's one that is perfect for prostate stimulation, and another one that was designed for bodies with vulva.

The Rewolution Ponto G is also a great choice, because it is very compact and discreet. Besides it is incredibly soft and cute ;)

The Rewolution at Isa’s hands, from Caliente Nails, at our partner Casa Fúria <3

A toy that is not obvious is Candy Cane, from Satisfyer. Made to fit between your fingers for an organic movements, it can stimulate any part of your body: the clitóris, the penis, the balls, nipples, whatever you feel like it!

Swede’s massage candles is also a wonderful choice: with a range of delicious fragrances, it has no chance of leaking and making a mess at your bag, and on top of it all it gives a great feeling of warmth at your skin.

Last, but not least: the Satisfyer Pro 2 - or, its smaller version, the Pro to Go 2 can be confused with a face massager, so if you don’t want to separate yourself from your air-suction toy on your vacation you already have an excuse ;)

Imagine arrive with this little gift at Chrismas dinner 👀 (also a reminder that Nude does discreet packaging ;)

We know that december is a moment of traditions, with lots of references to family. We from Nude want to propose a discussion: what if we think about other models of family?

We know that that closed concept of nuclear family composed by husband-wife-children no longer contemplates the majority of realities (if ever it has been representative in the past!). There are families with every shape and form: same-sex couples, single people with kids or their pets, families with 3 generations in the same household, non-monogamous couples, families that live together with uncles, aunts, nieces at the same house…

A happy family!

What if we go beyond? We want to think about the families that form bonds beyond our blood ties and the romantic sphere: friends that are family! Have you consider this perspective?

It is very usual at the queer world that people that doesn’t have theirs sexual orientation or gender identity accepted by their blood family be expelled from their homes, without places to go or people to count on. Sometimes they end up in the streets and become prone to fall into drugs and prostitution (which may seem their only alternative), and this is a situation which leaves trans people and people of color in a more vulnerable state.

I remember a colleague at the university, in the Law school at a private school in Brazil, that in one of our feminist meetings told us that her father expelled her from home because she was a lesbian. She slept in the street, in front of a mall, until a friend took her over.

It is not an exaggeration to say that sometimes friends are the only family one can have, or the only one that matters: if there’s rejection from those that share blood with, friendship bonds can be incredibly powerful.

Scene from Pose

In the series Pose, we can see clearly how these relations are build and the power that emerges from this strong core: young gays and trans people find at Evangelista House not only a space for body and artistic manifestation through ballrooms, but also a very elementary thing: family!

The philosopher Donna Haraway wrote about this theme, about “making kin”: in this world that surpasses eight billion people, we live a reality that keeps people apart from each other. We are complex human beings that deal with an infinite amount of feelings like suffering, injustice, lack of love, and we have the need to create strong and genuine connections.

Donna Haraway and Cayenne <3

“By kin I mean those who have an enduring mutual, obligatory, non-optional, you-can’t-just-cast-that-away-when-it-gets-inconvenient, enduring relatedness that carries consequences. I have a cousin, the cousin has me; I have a dog, a dog has me.” Said Haraway in an interview.

Let’s celebrate these relationships created by affinity, presence, love, in a world ever more complex and technological that seems to avoid depth. Let’s celebrate all kinships, the blood ones and the affective ones, regardless of type and shape! Let’s celebrate all kinds of love and connection!

And with this in mind, let’s start 2023 <3