Nudeletter #2 november: one year of pleasure!


Betina Juglair

11/4/20225 min read

Good morning beauties!

November is a very special month for Nude: is when we celebrate our birthday! Even though we were already working on the concept and developing the project for some months, we launched our website at november 21, 2021: eclipse night, a lot of energy and movement around!

To celebrate our one year, we’ll do a giveaway in which you can win a wonderful Fun Factory toy! <3 Next week we’ll launch the giveaway, so stay tuned and share with friends ;)

The chosen toy was Miss Bi, which is also one of our all-time favorites <3 Here you can find a video (in portuguese) which we explain how it works. It’s an ideal sized rabbit with a curved tip perfect for reaching the G-zone, with a special characteristic: its base is a bit larger, which gives a wonderful feeling of fulfillment <3 And even to just use it on your clitoris it is awesome! It has 6 Speeds & 6 patterns, and Fun Factory’s technology makes intense and profound waves of vibration. There are comments of people that were able to squirt for the first time using the Miss Bi <3

Fun Factory is a brand we work with since the Primavera Sound, and very proudly! Years before the existence of Nude, when we were only consumers of sex toys, it was one of those brands that we looked at with admiration and desire, because we knew of its history and quality, their attention to detail and to the user. This admiration only got bigger as business partners, it is a great company to work with: we have a direct and open communication and we feel they have great confidence in our project!

We know the prices are a bit higher, but there are reasons to it - we invite you to get to know the brand for yourself in our page or theirs, and we guarantee that every euro is worth spending ;) In case you don’t win the Miss Bi, we’ll soon have good discounts at our Pleasure Friday, so keep an eye on it and go check the products in our website

all the Fun Factory colors <3 if there is any specifi toy that you want from Fun Factory that we don’t hold, we can place your order!

Besides the giveaway, we have a lot to celebrate in our birthday! We are a little enterprise created by two immigrant women that met in Fine Arts and have dreams in common. We believe that sexuality can be more positive, more free, more fun, and Nude is part of this movement. Nude reached out to some many people and things in our first year that we wanted to point out some important moments:

  • our participation in Papo Anonimas podcast, in the episode Sex and Sexuality. it was great to speak freely of these subjects in this awesome initiative!

  • The partnership with the influencer diva from BR in an european tour, Malfeitona! We gave her an awesome kit for her to use by herself or his her husband ;)

  • The photoshoot with the photographer Brenda Pontes, that resulted in wonderful images, like the one that we use in our pamphlets! (the whole thing you can check here)

in love with these pictures and Brenda’s work!

We also were present in some very cool events

  • Our first event ever, Happy Nude Hour, at Viva Creative Kitchen, just in the beginning!

  • The 2nd Xota Produções party - girls just want to have fun (and orgasms <3)

  • At Invicta Gin, The good lights and good vibrations, to Natacha Guevara’s photography exhibition finissage;

  • The partnership with Bonita store, where we have products since june - and the cannabis lub is a sucess ;)

  • At the birthday market of the super cool store Com Sotaque <3

But our main landmark this year undoubtedly was our presence at Primavera Sound! The invitation was unexpected for a young store, but we knew we would handle it and that it would be amazing. And it really was a whirlwind of emotions, with lots of learning, growth and the overwhelming feeling we are in the right track. With Primavera, Nude reached not only Portugal but also Brazil, Spain, Italy, England, USA, Kenya, Israel, Hungary; from young women buying their first vibrator (sometimes along their mother!) to men in decades-long marriages wanting to bring an extra “element” to their intimacy; we talked with teenagers having doubts regarding masturbation and sexuality, helped out groups of friends wanting to offer a gift; most of all, we were in contact with curious people willing to broadening their sexual experiences!

in love with these pictures and Brenda’s work!

Thank you for being part of this story - And well… this is only the beginning <3 to finish our first year on a high note, we have another partnership news that that leaves us with a warm heart: we now have a pick up point with the wonderful people at Casa Fúria, right in the heart of Porto, at Bolhão <3 In there, they make hair, nails and tattoos in a laid back and artistic vibe, just as we like it. It is worth checking it out ;) You can buy with us at our website and pick up your order there! And soon we’ll have some products for sale, so you can leave Casa Furia renovated in many ways hehe

Nude has been here for a year with a very simple mission: we want to spread pleasure! May sexuality be fun, safe, lived fully and pleasantly, without taboos. We believe that the main engines of pleasure are love and respect: love for your own body and respect for your limits and desires, yours and from others. Only you know what you want and need, but Nude wants to give you a little hand ;) We are here, and we came to stay ;)

Before finishing it, we want to pay tribute to a wonderful woman who will be missed: Gal Costa. With a potent voice, that enters and fills all your heart, Gal is power, is strength, is desire, is life, is love. She is all the world needs, and her presence will be forever felt. Here you can see her live <3 Long live Gal! Long live Nude!