Do men orgasm more than women?


Betina Juglair

10/22/20222 min read

A topic we briefly addressed in our October #nudeletter is the orgasm gap: the difference in reaching climax in sexual intercourse.A 2017 US study with two markers (gender and sexual orientation) proved what we already knew:

that straight women have least orgasms, and straight men have the most orgasms. 66% of women reach orgasm regularly, while the male group reaches up to 98%.

It's a HUGE difference!

Among women, lesbians are the ones who comes the most (86% reach orgasms)but it is still a smaller percentage if compared to the male group that says they have less orgasms in relationships (bi men), with 88%.

So, generally speaking, women orgasm less then men. And this can’t stay this way! We know sex is not only about orgasms, but it is a good indicative of a healthy sex life, specially in a collective sense.

Another study raised some hypotheses as to why this disparity exists, and (again) confirmed what we already knew: the answer is in the clitoris! The way out of this orgasm gap is in clitorial stimulation, whether by masturbation (alone or together), in oral sex, or even during penetration. Sex and intimacy goes way beyond the penis and the vagina!

We suspect that the orgasm gap can be even bigger if we take into account other social groups, like trans and non-binary people, black and racialized people, and people from other origins and nationalities. There is still a big gap in knowledge about sexuality that we want to be talked more.