Luciana Bastos

what moves you?


Betina Juglair

4/25/20221 min read

Luciana Bastos is a Brazilian artist and illustrator based in Porto. A few years ago, she created Giro Art on Wheels, a project in which she uses her bike as a studio-gallery, at the same time a means of support and an artistic way of living.

The artist wanted to be registered with her work, which transits between drawing, watercolor, illustration and engraving. So, I photographed Luciana and her works in one of the places she likes the most: the community gardens of Fontainhas and the deactivated train track.

This landscape brought both solar and expansive elements (with the direct light of the late afternoon sun illuminating nature), as well as more introspective aspects, such as the harshness of the tunnel and the contrast between dark and light. The artist combined these elements in the landscape and played with different personas that also make up her artistic practice, bringing performance to these photographs.

To see more of the artist's work: