8M - International Women's Day


Betina Juglair

3/8/20232 min read

women’s day: always in the plural, it is a day of multiplication.
we multiply the food, the laughter and the coffee when we receive friends at home;we multiply the hugs when the pain and affections are added;
we multiply the orgasms when we give and receive stimulation and cuddles;
we multiply our conquests the more we advance;
we multiply our allies, our powerful social networks and exchanges, because we only fully are when we are together!

we are multiple when we are whole: we have infinite ways, bodies, dreams and desires of being. there is so much more that we want to feel, that we have the right to do. no more violence, no more repression. 8M is a day of fight, to reaffirm the power for change that we have together and the right to our bodies and affections;

today is about women in their infinite versions and interpelations: cis, trans, migrants, black, indigenous, white, mothers, young, old, married, divorced, lesbians, straight, bis, assexuals, and infinite more!

but the 8M must also be a day of joy (and orgasm). nothing is more revolutionary than a woman (or multiple women) coming. let’s all come together, multiple!